“Breakthrough: Unlocking Your Future Potential,” a motivational program hosted by the senior students of the Association of Management Students at Saegis Campus, was successfully conducted on 14th November 2023, from 9 am to 12 noon at the campus. The event aimed to empower new students in the Faculty of Management Studies with the fundamentals they need to plan for the future, overcome fears, and make the most of their time at Saegis Campus.

Senior students shared their journeys, highlighting the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned. Open discussions between new students and senior students allowed the first-year students to engage with seniors in the faculty, fostering strong connections between batches in the future. The students participated in activities, games, and idea-sharing sessions aimed at instilling a sense of confidence and initiation.

A vibrant musical performance by Saegis Music Corner provided a refreshing break, allowing new students to relax and connect on a different level. The program provided a holistic approach to preparing for the challenges and opportunities of university life, and the outcomes of this event will undoubtedly continue to positively impact the university community for years to come.