Having received the acceptance and approval from the World Bank funded AHEAD – Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development Programme of the Ministry of Education on the proposed Research titled “The Impact of Socio Economic factors on improving English language standards in Sri Lankan schools”, Saegis Campus research team launched its research in Aug 2019.
The scope of the study is to find out whether there is a relationship between the performance of English language competency of the schools and the socio – economic standard of the context of the schools and the clientele.
The team along with the Director Dr.Hemamali Palihakkara, Consultants and the Coordinator Thomas Benjamin Jeganathan visited a number of schools in the western province for the pilot project and the data collected was used by the consultants to compile three research papers.
Going ahead, the research team visited a cross section of schools in the Western Province in February 2020, Uva Province and Central provinces in September and October 2020 to gather relevant data from all stake holders. S.Thomas’ College Bandarawela and Trinity College Kandy were also visited by the team to get an understanding of their success stories. In this exercise, relevant authorities of the provinces were interviewed to ascertain their views.
Keeping up with the PAT, the research team is presently working on the analysis of the data.
The research work is spearheaded by the Manager, Dinusha Atugoda whereas Madara Gunaratne and Lakmini Chamalika function as the research assistant and data analyst.
The final report is expected to be submitted in September 2021.

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