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Saegis Campus, in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), United Kingdom, successfully hosted the “Saegis International Research Symposium (SIRS)-2023 on 20th July at the prestigious Saegis Campus Auditorium.  

The symposium, held under the theme “Fostering Sri Lanka’s Recovery and Embracing the Future of Globalization,” undoubtedly exceeded all expectations. It provided an intellectually stimulating platform for robust discussions on Sri Lanka’s path to recovery and its role in an intelligent globalized world, bringing together brilliant minds, distinguished guests, and experts from various fields. The depth and breadth of knowledge shared during the parallel sessions and presentations were truly remarkable, leaving a profound impact on all participants. Attendees eagerly embraced the opportunity to forge new local and international collaborations, fostering a brighter future for Sri Lanka.  

Senior Professor Thusitha U Abeythunga, the Lead Academic Expert on Research and Innovations, AHEAD operations, graced the occasion as the chief guest and keynote speaker. She inspired the audience by highlighting “Vietnam’s Economic Miracle” as a role model for development. The Guest Speaker, Dr Christopher Russell, Director, Business School, CCCUK, outlined the potential for global digital nomads to help drive Sri Lanka’s recovery. The event was further honoured by the presence of Mr Bandara Dissanayaka, Chairman of Saegis Campus, Prof. Nalaka Jayakody, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. W.G.D. Dharmaratna, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Council Members, Deans of the faculties, Heads of Departments, international and local researchers, industry experts, entrepreneurs, academics, and students of Saegis Campus. 

The event featured parallel sessions and presentations across seven specific sub-themes, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. As an outcome of the symposium, all refereed research articles presented at SIRS 2023 were published in the SIRS 2023 conference proceedings, which are readily available on the Saegis website []. 

SIRS 2023 stands as a testament to the commitment of Saegis Campus and its collaborators to foster knowledge-sharing, intellectual growth, and the advancement of Sri Lanka’s academic and research landscape on a global stage. With its resounding success, SIRS has laid the foundation for future editions, promising even greater contributions to the world of research and academia.