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Bachelor of Business Management Honors in Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree

BBM (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management degree is a four-year degree program which has been designed to provide relevant knowledge and skills in the field of Tourism and hospitality management. The program has covered essential aspects of Tourism and hospitality industry requirements which will help improve students’ practical and theoretical understanding. This program aims to provide practical knowledge in the field of tourism and Hospitality management sector. Students will be able to analyze contemporary management practices relevant to management and organizational behaviours. In the final semester, students are required to gain experience in practical management scenarios by working in organizations under the supervision of academic mentors and an appointed working manager. A record book has to be maintained by the students during the internship. Further, students are required to produce a research report based on an independent study of selected Tourism and Hospitality management-related issues. A supervisor is appointed for each student.

Why follow a Bachelor of Business Management Honors in Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree ?

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) degree with a focus on Tourism and Hospitality Management presents a range of compelling advantages. These include industry-specific relevance, diverse career prospects spanning hotel management, event planning, travel consultancy, and more, a global perspective crucial for understanding international tourism complexities, practical experience through internships, a solid foundation in business management principles, emphasis on exceptional customer service, entrepreneurship skills, networking opportunities, sustainability awareness, avenues for career advancement, personal growth in critical thinking and problem-solving, and potential for further research and academic pursuits, all of which collectively equip graduates for a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic global tourism and hospitality sector. 

Entry Requirements

Three (3) Simple passes (”S”) in any stream in one and the same sitting at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination conducted by the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka or equivalent qualification. 

Career Opportunities

A Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) degree holder specializing in Tourism and Hospitality Management can explore a wide range of career opportunities in this dynamic industry. Some of the potential career paths and job roles include: 

  • Hotel Manager 
  • Event Planner/Manager 
  • Travel Consultant/Advisor 
  • Restaurant Manager 
  • Resort Manager 
  • Tourism Marketing Manager 
  • Convention and Conference Manager 
  • Cruise Line Manager 
  • Airline Manager 
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • Hospitality Consultant 
  • Sustainability Coordinator. 
  • Tourism Development Officer 
  • Corporate Travel Manager 
  • Destination Manager 
  • Resort Operations Manager 
  • Tour Guide 
  • Visitor Center Manager 
  • Entrepreneur: 
  • Researcher or Educator

These career opportunities are diverse and offer the chance to work in various aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry, from customer-facing roles to behind-the-scenes management and strategy positions. The specific path you choose may depend on your interests, skills, and career goals within this dynamic and ever-evolving sector. 


4 years



Study Mode




Programme Modules

Semester 01 

  • Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality 
  • Mathematics for Business  
  • Principles of Management  
  • Introduction to Wellness Tourism  
  • Introduction to Business English   
  • Information Technology for Tourism 
  • Legal Studies for Tourism and Hospitality 


Semester 02 

  • Food and Beverage Management  
  • Quality and Standard Management  
  • Typologies of Tourism 
  • Front Office Mangement  
  • Accounting for Tourism  
  • Business Communication  
  • Core Special Interest Tourism 

Semester 01 

  • Health and Safety for Tourism and Hospitality Management 
  • Digital Tourism 
  • Housekeeping and Accommodation Operations 
  • Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneurship 
  • Tourism Economics 
  • Sport and Leisure Tourism Management 
  • Contemporary Development Challenges in Wellness Tourism 

Semester 02 

  • Tourism Destination Management 
  • Culinary Operations 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Business Statistics 
  • Travel Management 
  • Heritage Management 
  • Consumer Analysis in Tourism and Hospitality Management 

Semester 01 

  • Project Management 
  • Management Accounting for Tourism and Hospitality 
  • Sustainable Tourism Development 
  • International Tourism Marketing 
  • Tourism Planning and Development 
  • Logistics and Legal Operation for Wellness Tourism 


Semester 02 

  • Travel and Tour Agency operation 
  • Visitor Attraction Management 
  • Cruise Tourism Management 
  • Introduction to MICE Tourism 
  • Business Development Project 
  • Wellness Tourism Marketing 
  • Research Methodology 

Semester 01 

  • Standards and Quality Assurance in Wellness Tourism 
  • Wellness Tourism in Sri Lanka 
  • Event Management 
  • Facility Management in Events Management 
  • Entrepreneurship Development in Wellness Tourism (E) 
  • Comparative Case Studies in Wellness Tourism (E) 
  • Conference and Banquet Management (E) 
  • Event Advisory (E) 
  • Event Budgeting (E) 
  • Research Project (Year-long) 


Semester 02 

Industrial Training 

Research Project (completion) 

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