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Dual Certificate in English and Information Technology.

The Dual Certificate in English and IT offers a unique blend of skills crucial in today’s digital world. It equips students with strong communication abilities, essential for effective collaboration and leadership, while also providing competency in IT. This dual proficiency opens doors to diverse career opportunities, from content creation and digital marketing. Ultimately, it empowers individuals to navigate the evolving job market with confidence, and a competitive edge, making it a valuable investment in personal and professional growth.


Why follow a Dual Certificate in English and Information Technology.

Pursuing a dual certificate in English and IT enhances global communication skills, opens diverse career opportunities, and fosters cross-cultural collaboration for IT professionals. It also boosts career growth, adaptability, and access to valuable resources, making it crucial for success in the globalized IT industry. 

Career Opportunities

The Dual Certificate in English and IT is ideal for anyone interested in English and IT. This certificate program helps students to engage in advanced studies in English and IT. The program is also equally useful for those who read for undergraduate degrees in any field.

Higher Study Opportunities

Graduates of the Dual Certificate in English and IT from Saegis Campus unlock a world of higher study opportunities. With a solid foundation in language proficiency and information technology, they are well-prepared for advanced studies in English and IT.

This dual qualification enhances their eligibility for competitive programs globally, setting the stage for specialized education in their chosen disciplines.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have either completed their O-Level/, A/Level Examinations or hold an equivalent qualification.

Assured By


4 Months

Study Mode

Full Time/Part Time


Programme Modules


  • Primary teaching material includes the 3rd edition “English File Elementary” book by the Oxford University Press. 
  • Focus on the four skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening). 
  • Each lesson has clear stated grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation practice.



  • Both theory and practical sessions on basics of Computer System, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Internet, and Networking.

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