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Department of Management

DMIT - Diploma in Management and Information Technology

The DMIT Foundation Program is a specialized educational pathway designed to prepare students for successful entry into higher education, particularly for the students who have passed the G.C.E or London O/L exam. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with essential academic skills, subject-specific knowledge, and language proficiency, ensuring they are well-prepared to excel in their chosen field of study.  This Foundation program serves as a bridge between a student’s current academic level and the prerequisites required for their desired degree, offering a strong foundation for future academic and career success.

Why follow a Diploma in Management and Information Technology

The DMIT Foundation program serves as a vital bridge, helping students bridge knowledge gaps and acquire essential skills required for advanced coursework. This program is particularly advantageous for individuals undergoing field transitions or possessing limited prior knowledge, thereby assisting them in making well-informed decisions about their choice of degree.

For students whose native language is their primary mode of instruction, the program plays a pivotal role in enhancing language skills, encompassing improvements in comprehension, writing, and effective communication.
Moreover, it facilitates a seamless transition into the academic sphere, alleviating the initial stress commonly associated with university life. Additionally, it instils a sense of confidence that proves instrumental in elevating overall performance and motivation throughout the degree program.
DMIT programs extend beyond academic boundaries, incorporating personal development facets like study skills and critical thinking. These competencies are not only valuable for achieving success in any degree program but also lay a solid foundation for future career accomplishments.

Entry Requirements

  • Pass the G.C.E O/L (local/ London) examination OR
  • Any other equivalent qualification2 acceptable to the Senate of the Saegis Campus

09 Months (without project) / 12 Months(with project)

Study Mode

Full Time



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