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DEHENA Musical Evening

DEHENA, a musical event organized by Saegis Music Corner (SMC), was held on August 15, 2023, from 4 p.m. onwards at the campus open garden. The campus was alive as the students showed their musical abilities, producing an evening full of pleasure, rhythm, and fellowship. 

The special guest, Dr. Indika Abesinghe, a Music teacher at Ananda College – Colombo, presented eloquent explanations and insights into the significance of each song resonating deeply with the performers and the audience. The knack for connecting the lyrics to real-life emotions and experiences provided a profound understanding that enhanced the overall impact of the musical performances. 

The Vice Chancellor of Saegis Campus, Prof. Nalaka Jayakody, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Senior Prof. W. G. D. Dharmarathne, and Registrar, Dr Esmond De Silva graced the event. The Deans of faculties, Heads of departments, academic and non-academic staff, parents, and students also attended the event.  

The stage came alive with a myriad of talents. Solo singers owned the spotlight, instrumentalists wowed with their solos, and the band delivered soulful performances that had the crowd cheering for more. From the awe-inspiring opening act to the unforgettable closing notes, every moment was etched in the memories of performers and attendees. The event was not just about performances—it was a celebration of creativity and expression.  

The musical ability of the students from the Management and IT faculties impressed the attendees. 

The organizing committee members sincerely thank the participants and well-wishers.