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The Interest Free Loan Scheme has been introduced by the Sri Lankan Government to expand higher education opportunities for the students who are unable to secure seats in the State Universities, even though they have qualified at the G.C.E advanced level Examination.

This scheme facilitates following Degree Programmes at Saegis Campus for those who have qualified in G. C. E. A/L of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Pathway to the Interest Free Student Loan Scheme

G.C.E. Advanced Level (Year – 2019/2020/2021)

Apply for the Interest Free Student Loan Scheme

Study Ministry of Education Approved Degrees:

Graduate from Saegis Campus with a Ministry of Education Approved Degree.

What is a Ministry of Education Approved Degree Programme?

These are the undergraduate Degree Programmes available in Non-State Higher Education Institutes for students who fulfilled minimum qualifications in any stream in G.C.E (A/L) examination to enter a university.

These degree programmes are well prepared by subject experts, reviewed by an expert committee appointed by the MOE and approved by the Standing Committee of MOE. The University Grant Commission (UGC) recognizes these internationally accepted degrees.

What is the Interest Free Student Loan Scheme offered by the Government?

The Ministry of Education introduced the Interest-Free Students’ Loan Scheme under the Government budget proposal for 2017. The objective was to expand higher education opportunities for students with the partnership of Non-State Higher Education Institutes (NSHEIs). Six intakes were already enrolled, and the first two batches already completed their degrees.

The seventh intake is now open for those who have qualified in the G. C. E. A/L examinations in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

The loan covers the fee for the institution and a stipend for students.

The loan is granted only for selected high-demand and readily employable degree programmes

Can I select any degree programme offered by Saegis Campus?

Yes. Regardless of the A/L subject stream, you can select any degree programme offered at Saegis Campus under this scheme.

Any student who would like to change the A/L stream and follow a computing honours degree at Saegis Campus can register and follow the bridging programme offered by us free of charge.

In addition, we offer additional English classes free of charge for all students following degree programmes

What is the payback procedure of the loan?

You can start paying this loan one year after completing the degree in 84 monthly instalments for a 4-year degree (96 Monthly instalments for a 3-year degree).

The Government pays the interest.

Can I apply for Hostel facilities?

Yes, needy students can be facilitated with secure, comfortable hostel facilities.

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